Thursday, June 15, 2006

Double blogginess

Once apon at time some friends of mine announced to me they had started a blog. I was pretty curious about blogs - I'd heard of them but hadn't actually become a regular blog reader, actually mostly I was interested in becoming a blog writer. Fresh into my anti-coporate personhood jag I think I thought I had something to tell the world. Anyway, suffice to say that The Long Dark Tea-Time was born shortly afterwards.

Although this blog is barely sipping at the tea these days its still ticking along after three years. I think I even have a few regular subscribers out there - although writing about the stuff I do I get a ton of hits purely from search engines. For a while my Iraqi Flag image was the number one Iraqi Flag image on Google.

Then one day because Blogger doesn't have post categories and because I was trying to remain mostly anonymous but wanted to blog about mainstream tech stuff, I started another tech focused blog. For obvious reasons I wont give its name or a link here, but it wouldn't be hard to guess, so now I had two blogs. For a while I was even contributing to a group blog called Johnnytheo (either Johnny Theo or Johnny The O, I can't remember which).

But today I'd like to give special mention to the blogopshere's newest recruit, someone who I've said always should be blogging about her day to day experiences. Yes my partner and packing and shipping savant (also refered to as "Agent J") has finally got her own blog. Unfortunately I'm not going to give you the link here since being in retail if all my friends end up knowing about it someday soon so will some of her customers. Then one day someone will come along and notice that their bad behavior at the store has been publicised and will bring a big fat lawyer to the party. So if you happen to know "Agent J" in person I'll let you bug her in person for the link, or wish that her blog will become so famous that you will get to read it anyway. Until then good luck finding it and welcome to the Blogosphere Agent J!

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